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  • What types of law does your firm assist with?
  • Can I sue a government agency?
    Every Federal government agency has an appeals process. After receiving or experiencing a believed regulatory violation a "Self-Help" litigant must exhaust the agencies remedies before filing a lawsuit. To sue a state government agency the "Self-Help" litigant must Under California Government Code § 945.6, sue within 6 months from the date of the postmark or personal delivery of your right to sue letter. If the agency does not provide any written notice rejecting your claim, you have two years from the date of injury or damage.
  • What type of payments are accepted by your firm?
    All major credit and debit cards. Financing is available.
  • Why hire In Propria Persona Aid for my legal documentation?
    Given that there is only 1.3 million attorneys in the United States, only 12% of the nation’s adult population can afford an attorney; leaving 88% of its citizens unable to obtain legal representation. The average cost of a civil lawsuit is about $25 to 50,000.00 +dollars. In Propria Persona Aid offers the average citizen the total cost of $6,000.00 plus court fees - roughly $700.00 to professionally present their legal documentation before a court of law. We believe in equal access and protection of the law. Guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. Legal Staff, In Propria Persona Aid
  • How much does civil litigation cost?
    Attorney's fees are typically the largest burden in the expense of litigation, however, a civil suit in general can be very expensive. Why does litigation cost so much? The time and resources invested by legal professionals contribute to the overall expense of litigation. Court Costs and Administrative Fees: Courts impose various fees and charges to cover administrative costs. Filing fees, motion fees, jury fees, and other expenses add up
  • Do I need a lawyer to file a civil or administrative agency complaint?
    No. The courts offer online "Self-Help" programs to assist the public with civil filings and government agencies have online "how-to" instructions to its appeal process. A person in Pro per or Pro se can hire a lawyer in a limited capacity or a Legal Document Assistant (LDA) to write the required pleadings or fill out the necessary administrative forms.
  • How long will a civil action take?
    Duration of a Civil Lawsuit: The timeline of a civil lawsuit can vary based on several factors. If you agree to settle early in the case, the process can be shorter. However, if the lawsuit proceeds to trial, it can take up to two years from filing to a court judgment.
  • Why should I hire a Legal Document Assistant?
    What is the advantage of hiring an LDA? LDAs provide a low-cost alterative to hiring an attorney for routine paperwork. In many cases, one visit will usually be sufficient for you to be able to handle most matters. LDAs will provide you with top-quality legal typing assistance.
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